Paracord wrist bottle opener

For 1 Bracelet, and 1 metal bottle opener made from rock hard saw blade steel. This would be great for anyone that wants to have around 16 feet of rope and a bottle opener on your wrist. Great for a bartender or any party that requires you to open none twist bottles. I can also make multiple colors if need please let me know when ordering. Made with 7 strand 550 Paracord.

XS = 6.5 " (toddlers)
S = 7.5 " (young kids or very small wrists)
M = 8.5 " (most women)
L = 9.5 " (most men and women with larger wrists)
XL = 10.5 " (very large wrists)

Originally used during World War II, parachute cord has since become a useful tool. After making jumps paratroopers would recycle as much of their landing gear as possible so they could be prepared for any setback. Rather then lugging around a large wad of cord from a chute, a soldier would whip up accessories such as belts, bracelets, and harnesses to make transporting the material convenient. If stuck in a emergency situation , the accessories could be taken apart to be reclaimed as roping.

Now we can enjoy this great fashion statement and just in case there is a emergency. the

Since items are handmade you'll receive your package between and .

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