We specialize in creating for you metal nightstick,medieval axes, post-apocalyptic maces, mad max weapons, and zombie melee. The staffs, billy clubs, blackjack, and conk busters are made from DOM steel that is then altered by either a forging process or welding. You can also find other metal accessories , and Outdoor Artwork on my product page link above.

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Everything is hand made by me in the USA. You will be supporting a small business that has been in around for 3 years. My shop also does Welding, CNC, Blacksmithing, and Paracord tying located in Cedar Rapids IA

I started  my shop on Etsy so I would like to provide my previous reviews in the link below.

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A melee weapon is a hand to hand combat weapon such as a sword,axe,hammer,hate stick or any other thing used at close range, they are used for clubbing, slashing, cutting, hacking, pounding,smashing, crushing, mashing, pulverising ect.